Jessica Lynn Padilla

Is a South Jersey Visual Artist and Arts Educator

Jessica Padilla is a visual artist and middle school art teacher living and working in South Jersey. She earned her MFA in 2018 from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and her BFA, and BA in Art Education from Rowan University in 2013. Her education has informed an interest in the combination of memories and dreams through multi-media, her work dives into the realm of everyday encounters and experiences. 



      Have you ever taken the time to watch a small child innocently play, create and converse? It is a marvelous act of the human experience. When I create, I play. There are no restrictions, no predetermined conclusion as to the outcome of a work of art. I turn my experiences into images of pure imagination. Each print, painted collage or mixed-medium piece is a syllable within a poem, a chapter in a story. The encounters and experiences we gather from our life’s journey inspire my work.  I speak with shapes of color layered together to compose a compelling storyline. When I cut paper I allow myself to be playful. There is no correct way to how I approach each surface.


       Each image draws from memories of my past and present. Life is an incredible journey full of never ending passages. As a young adult, I find every encounter, and experience to be momentous as well as to be treasured. My work triggers questions related to the loss, and gain of memory within the human experience. Each dream-like image builds upon the poem within my mind, questioning the lingering affects of those uncanny experiences. I may have a face and voice to distinguish myself from others but my thoughts, and memories are unique only to me. Even when we are finished navigating the stars on a boat, hit port, there is still that mountain in need of climbing.

@ 2019 All Material Copyrighted by Jessica Lynn Padilla

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